Yoshida kaban repair

Yoshida kaban repair

There is a section called the repair department to Yoshida kaban.
Old bag also cure me, and how much is sent for repairs Yoshida's bag.

Mr. Yoshida bag to bag, are marked where the workshop will be made or found.
Bag that arrived at the repair will be sent to the workshop made, it will be repaired there.
In fact, do not have our own factory to Mr. Yoshida bag.
Yoshida bag in each workshop, consists in the division of labor or undertake specialized in cutting, sewing or artisans that.
Is a collection of artisan bag.
Yes there is a workshop of about 80.

The course is part of the repair was asked of repair, are also repair other areas of concern, like new finished bag.

Bag has been used for a long time, the bag's bag Yoshida bag because it is used for a long time, I want to go, why not consider asking for repair when broken.